Tape for your walls

Sincol is a Japanese company that has these amazing interior tape designs for your walls. What might even have caught my eye even more in this picture is that esquisite door! I feel like I could look at it forever.


2 in 1 booster seat and backpack

I love multi-functional things! Especially something as useful as this. Ok, so it might not be that useful to me, but could you imagine if you were a family living in the city going from taxi to taxi? You can see more of them at this UK site here!


Lark Rise to Candleford

Check me into BBC series rehab
cuz I've got an addiction!

This series is so sweetly endearing.
The characters are charming and extremely lovable.
It sometimes even has me yearning for a more simple time.
And then I remember what child birth would be like,
and I quickly come to my senses.
I recommend these DVD's for some perfect summer entertainment.
So far, so very very good.
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