Need a challenge?

If I had the time these days, I would attempt this adorable soda/flatware caddy. With summer picnics and barbeques right around the corner, I thought this would make for a fun project. Ok, maybe not so fun doing the actual project, but the finished product! I love the chalk board detail. It adds just the right touch.

For him & for her

find here

find here


Who knew bugs could be so cool?

Beckett told his mom that he wanted a bug birthday party. To say that she delivered would be a complete understatement. Leave it to Natalie to make a bug party something that I would want for my next 28th birthday party! It was one of the funnest kids birthday parties I've ever been to. Not only did I feel like I was an entomologist right in the middle of the wild rain forest discovering new insect species, but we actually got to be an audience to Steve the Nature Guy. Steve brought some actual wild life...like bugs, lizards, snakes, etc. for our viewing pleasure. The kids were even allowed to hold and touch some of them! It was so so fun.

Yes, those are actual tree stumps she got off craigslist

Party Favors:
A jar of lady bugs and directions on how to release them into your garden!


Calling for a craft night

I want to make this in the next week.
Who wants to join me?
I really neeeeeeeeed Easter decor.

Botanical prints

I like them.

topshop dress here
anthropologie blouse here
pottery barn bike here
j crew button down here


Skip Hop

It is no secret that I love color, but sometimes it's hard to find colorful and fun things for the kids that are also visually appealing to myself as well. Skip hop does just that. They know how to make practicality and cuteness coincide. And for that, I thank them.
I can't tell you how much I LOVE this no slide mat/plate. Grant needs this asap!

A Giveaway! - BABYBJÖRN Organic Baby Carrier

Giveaway at The Children's Corner! Go here.

Style Notes by Belen

One of my favorite style gurus is my good, long time friend Belen. She is a stylist in L.A. and always seems to look polished and well put together. I go to her style blog to get inspiration and ideas on a regular! Check her out and give her a follow, here. You won't be disappointed!

I'm always excited for her give-aways too.


Hide those toys!!

It seems silly to Luke how unfriendly I get towards toys. I get almost hostile at times. I see them all day long. Can't I get a brief hour a day that I don't have to look at them? I need my time away from toys and messes...and lets face it, my kids.

We have been in the market for a chest for toys that doesn't brake the bank or sacrifice too much style. Ours currently is unattractive AND broken. That's a lose-lose my friends. There has to be something out there that fits my criteria. I've been looking for quite sometime now...any suggestions?

I stumbled upon this at West Elm. Simple and plain, but is advertised as an outside piece. Would it work indoors? I am most curious!


Wedge your way into my heart

Rock and Republic, these. You know I'm a sucker for stripes.

these, Seychelles are my go-to brand. I always fall in love.

these, a hidden gem. You have to sort through a lot of bad to get to the good!

these, Jeffrey Campbell knows how to design out of the box. One word; unique!

these, Sam always brings the heat.

persimmon and pink

Persimmon and Pink, oh I how love thee.

One thing I think all homes need are personal touches that mean something. It's easy to pack your house full of beautiful things, because let's be honest, there are a lot of beautiful things out there. The hard part is making it homey and personal, but keep the style factor in tact. I struggle with home decor when it comes down to it, but I am a big believer in being uplifted by your surroundings. Do they get more uplifting than these?

They have so many options and I want them all!
Check them out here and get your shop on!


eye catching

Who doesn't love a good two-tone satchel right now? It's casual, but still polished looking. I find it's a great way to pump up the volume and make neautrals more exciting, especially this amazing TopShop bag:
Not only is it two-toned, but check out the different textures that are going on!
It is a perfect neutral accessory to show off your pops of color, like these hot wood bangles:

Ok, so maybe a pop of color is an understatement, but you guys know I don't shy away from color!
Speaking of,
I'm kind of excited that neon is the trend for spring.
What do you guys think? Yay or nay?
I am loving the idea of a neon pink lipstick, like the color funny face by NARS.
Gotta have it!


What can I say, I love poufs! They seem to make a perfect addition to a nursery. If you are thinking about purchasing a glider of some kind, ditch their ottoman option and get a pouf instead! Check out this knitted pouf from CB2:

Or, (just in case you want to get kicked in the gut from a burst of unbelievable cuteness) visit Me Oh My Mama and see the amazing pouf she has in her adorable daughter's room!

I need the truth and nothing but the truth!

do your ears hang low?
do they wobble to and fro?
can you tie them in a knot?
can you tie them in a bow?

I've been trying to experiment with different hairstyles lately and today I came up with this one. And regardless of the fact that this song sprung into my mind as soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I kinda like it.

I'm looking for honest advice from my blog friends. Is this something that I can pull off as a 27 year old mom of two? You would tell me, right? You wouldn't let me walk around town looking like a crazy basset hound, would you? Let's hear it friends; yay or nay?

(Please excuse this "deer in the headlights" photo. I am a sorry excuse for a model! Those are very tired and beat mama eyes)


moccasin meets boat shoe

Zara! Boat shoes in bright colors! Well, a mix between a moccassin and a boat shoe, right? I would love for Grant to wear that blue pair everyday this summer, though I can see them getting dirty pretty fast. Also, does the sole have to be so thick? One of the improvements I would like to tackle for my line of boat shoes. There has to be something done to that price too, let's be honest.

sprinkles on top

We need to get stocked up on some of these goodies. You might need to as well.

Adorn me

With every piece of jewelry from Free People's jewelry box.

this ring was meant for me

this swag is in honor of the super moon

you had me at antique silver

Is it just me, or am I the only one being drawn to antique silver jewelry like a moth to a flame? And these prices? They are the goods. There were too many good pieces to post!

I want to...

...take a nap on this:

while wearing this:

after going for a ride on this:

while smelling the lovely essence of this:

Is that too much to ask for?


Bellamina on etsy

This girl makes a mean stuffed owl! Grant happens to LOVE owls ever since one of our neighbors stuck an owl in the dirt near our house. A fake one, a fake one! I just needed to clarify that last sentence. Anyways, we always have to walk by O the owl and give him a shout out. I think this guy would make a great addition to his new bottom bunk.

I dress 90% for me

So for those of you with significant others with style, this might not be a post for you. I love my husband, but he doesn't have a stylish bone in his body! What can I say? Sometimes he thinks I dress crazy! I obviously want to remain attractive to him, but also I need to "do me".

For instance,

I could see him wanting me to sexy-it-up a bit more with a thinner heel like these cute shoes:

Though I would tend to go for these rounder wooden platforms by Lucky:
But I think we could both be impressed with these whimsical peep-toe beauties:

So ya, I dress for me mostly. And it's usually cute enough for Luke. He's not the best liar, but the important thing is, he tries! I'm lucky to have a guy that tells me I look great no matter what I'm wearing! (or not wearing)

What percentage are you!?
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