Who knew bugs could be so cool?

Beckett told his mom that he wanted a bug birthday party. To say that she delivered would be a complete understatement. Leave it to Natalie to make a bug party something that I would want for my next 28th birthday party! It was one of the funnest kids birthday parties I've ever been to. Not only did I feel like I was an entomologist right in the middle of the wild rain forest discovering new insect species, but we actually got to be an audience to Steve the Nature Guy. Steve brought some actual wild life...like bugs, lizards, snakes, etc. for our viewing pleasure. The kids were even allowed to hold and touch some of them! It was so so fun.

Yes, those are actual tree stumps she got off craigslist

Party Favors:
A jar of lady bugs and directions on how to release them into your garden!


Diana Smith said...

I absolutely love the tree stumps!!! Very cute!

Livy Love

the waites said...

oh geez maybe i cant move to ladera...you moms are amazing!

myles is lucky if we got to chucky cheese:)

darling to say the least

tiffany garfield photography said...

oh my gosh that is one rockin party! Nice job natalie! It looks like so much fun!

Brittany Simmons said...

what a party! I wonder if she saw the Parenthood episode about a bug party- so cute! And, just saw you have a new blog- I'll definitely be adding it to my reader and be a follower :) (have you checked out mine?....loveofinteriors.blogspot.com)

Kristin said...

I am in Orange County and am planning a bug party for my son's 4th birthday. Would love info on Steve the Nature Guy!! Is there any way you could direct me?


Mike said...

I just find bugs to be gross. I can't believe that my ancestors would eat them. Yuck.

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