I dress 90% for me

So for those of you with significant others with style, this might not be a post for you. I love my husband, but he doesn't have a stylish bone in his body! What can I say? Sometimes he thinks I dress crazy! I obviously want to remain attractive to him, but also I need to "do me".

For instance,

I could see him wanting me to sexy-it-up a bit more with a thinner heel like these cute shoes:

Though I would tend to go for these rounder wooden platforms by Lucky:
But I think we could both be impressed with these whimsical peep-toe beauties:

So ya, I dress for me mostly. And it's usually cute enough for Luke. He's not the best liar, but the important thing is, he tries! I'm lucky to have a guy that tells me I look great no matter what I'm wearing! (or not wearing)

What percentage are you!?


Katie said...

I love them all but I want those last ones!!! I'm probably 95% for me, Landon would prefer I dress totally comfortable. He thinks heels are silly. But you know he secretly thinks they are hot!

Heather said...

I love that you started a style blog!! You are so stylish and I wish I could afford to have you style me and my kids :-)

sandi said...

hmmm, I think I would like all three pairs, please!
And funny story, yesterday I was trying on an outfit and asked Evan if it looked cute. His response was, "Yeah? I guess it's just a style I don't know about yet." I still don't quite know what he meant by that but I wore the outfit anyways. :)

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