Dinner party

I'm in a dinner club with some girls from my area and they are always a good time. The food is great, but the ambiance always takes it to the next level.

I loved how quaint Tiffany made her beautiful backyard. It was a perfect and relaxing night with good food and friends.

jars with candles

bread, caprese app and my orzo & vegetable salad (thanks mom)

the most amazing oil & tangerine vinegar for dipping our bread
(from the new oil & vinegar tasting store at the Spectrum)

Tiffany's mom's lasagna recipe. It was to die for!


Jessica said...

Chrissy!! That orzo and vegetable salad looks TO.DIE.FOR. Recipe please!! xo

nicole me oh my! said...

I am so envious of this amazing dinner group! I have got to start one up. Tiffany is so creative, the table is perfection!

La said...

Nicci! I will totally join any dinner group you start!
And this night looks fabulous. Makes me want to put mason jars with candles all over my house!

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