Tutorial request

Here it is friends!

A while back some friends and I started saving our old glass jars, bottles and vases to paint and make pretty on a cheap budget! I found the idea here.

I went to Home Depot and bought some quarter gallon colors, white, grey and light blue. It worked out well because we were able to mix the white with the grey and blue to make even more colors.

You have to make sure the the inside on the bottles are completely clean and dry. Otherwise, the paint starts to drip and crack over time.

We just used plastic cups (didn't have funnels) to pour paint into the bottles. We were able to squeeze the plastic cups into a small opening if the bottle had a skinny top. Then we just turned the bottles over and over until the paint coated the entire inside of the bottle. Make sure to drain the excess paint so that you don't have a puddle of paint leftover on the bottom that never really fully dries.

Also, buy these if you want to use them as vases with flowers.

Hope this helps, it was a super fun and easy craft. Enjoy!


Candi said...

This is so cute! Any recommendations for where to find bottles?

Chrissy said...

I used an old Trader Joe's lemonade glass bottle, a glass juice bottle (the white one with the cute detail pictured), as well as some chutney jars. I also used some old salad dressing jars. You can find cute glass jars, cups etc. from the World Market, michaels and home goods. The more details and unique shape, the better! You also want to get a variety of sizes and shapes. Go through your fridge and I would bet that you have a few in there now that would be adorable! Don't throw away, clean out and paint!

lindsay marie said...

thanks, I am going to do this...so easy! love your blog

Cookies with Cronkite said...

Chrissy: This is great of you to post, and it's become really popular on Pinterest!!! I also have a blog and posted a similar one to yours... I included some pictures of other diy-er's projects, including yours! Hope you don't mind!!! You can see it on my blog, Cookies with Cronkite.

Here is the post! Feel free to comment!


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